Q. What is a call center?

A center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls. These calls could be the calls coming in from customers for service or support or these could be the calls that call center executives make to the customers for marketing.

Q. What are the different types of call centers?

There are mainly two types of call centers

a.) Inbound call centers – Inbound call centers are those which receive support or service calls from customers usually on a toll free number. For e.g. when you call up a bank to check the status of your request for credit card, it is an inbound call.

b.) Outbound call centers – Outbound call centers are those in which the call center executives make calls to the customers. These calls are usually made to generate the leads or sales. For e.g. when you receive a call from a bank offering you a personal loan, it is an outbound call.

Q. Why do you think companies outsource their call centers?

There are mainly four reasons for a company to outsource its call center:

a.) Cost saving.

b.) Focus on core activities.

c.) Access to special enterprise which has expertise in the domain.

d.) Other resource related reasons like relieving resource constraints, reducing staff. .

Q. What is near shore outsourcing?

When a work process is out-sourced to a nearby country, it is called near shore outsourcing. 

For e.g. If a business process is out-sourced from a company in USA to a company in Mexico or Canada – it is near shore outsourcing.

Q. What is off-shore outsourcing?

When a work process is out-sourced to a different country which is not nearby – it is called off-shore outsourcing.

For e.g. If USA outsources a work process to India- it is off-shore outsourcing.

Q. Why do you want to work in a call center?

Relate the qualities you have to the requirements of a call center job like, good command over the language(English), team working capabilities, patience, good listening skills etc. and say that you think, these skills will make you successful in the industry. Also, talk about the prospects for the industry and how you think you can grow with it.