Inbound Call Services (ICS)

We offer inbound call center services to organizations to improve their customer-communication channel. Laser Call Center specializes in a range of inbound call center services, live chat technology and service, and BPO solutions. Our services have proven to be effective in easing communication, increasing revenue, reducing operational costs and ensuring better customer relationships.

We are very serious about providing the best quality of service to our customers, thats why our inbound call center performance is measured according to several metrics, including first call resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT) and time in queue. At Laser call center we stipulate our service goals toward in a service-level agreement (SLA). We often communicate with customers through email and chat as well as telephone calls.

Every business is unique, and a single solution does not fit every business. At Laser we understand the uniqueness of your business and tailor our services to match your industry.