Exclusive and Shared Agents

Depending on your particular needs, you can select shared agents, who conduct multiple campaigns, or dedicated agents, who will be focused solely on your business. 

Our agents understand perfectly the nuances of your business.


At Laser we go all out to care for our Call Center Executives Agents. And no wonder then that our Call Center Executive Agents take best care of your customers. Our Agents can serve you in the below mentioned three roles:

1. Dedicated Agents.- These Call Center Executives Agents will work exclusively for your Enterprise. They shall possess the specialized qualities as desirable by your enterprise. They shall devote their complete working hours for service of your Company.

2. Shared Agents.- If you feel that not enough work is generated by your Enterprise to occupy all the working hours of a Call Center Executive, then you may opt to pay per call or pay per assignment. Our Call Center Executive Agents will fulfill your requirements as well as those of other Enterprises who have a similar arrangement.